Psyonix Studios has released a new patch for the car soccer game Rocket League. Patch 1.13 fixes bugs, but most importantly it adds division indicators into the ranking system. This update is for PS4 and PC.

The division indicators give a ranking from one to five to show where players are in regards to ranking up or ranking down in the tiers. So somebody who is half way through the “Superstar” tier would be ranked as a “Superstar, Division III.” The developer also split the top tier into three new tiers, they are Champion, Super Champion, and Grand Champion.

Full patch notes can be found below.


  • New Skill Tiers have been added to create more differentiation for elite players, there are now a total of 15 Tiers (up from 12).
    • There are now three Champion ranks at the top Champion tier:
      • Grand Champion (Tier 15)
      • Super Champion (Tier 14)
      • Champion (Tier 13)
    • The Star tier has changed slightly to accommodate the new Champion tier:
      • Tier 12 is now called “Superstar” (was Champion)
      • Tier 11 is now called “All-Star” (was Superstar)
      • Tier 10 is now called “Shooting Star” (was All-Star)
  • Added Divisions to Competitive Skill Tiers to give players a better indication of where they fall in any given Skill Tier.
    • There are five divisions in each Skill Tier – with each representing roughly 20% of the skill range in that
      • Division V (highest),
      • Division IV
      • Division III
      • Division II
      • Division I (lowest)
    • For example: An All-Star player that is roughly halfway to the next Skill Tier would appear as “All-Star, Division III”
  • Players in the Top Tier (now “Grand Champion”) will see a numerical Skill Rating in place of a divisional indicator.
  • Players still Unranked in Competitive can now see how many Placement Matches they have remaining in each playlist
  • Snow Day is back on the Online Playlists in all versions of the game (Xbox One included)
  • Forfeit Votes can no longer be triggered before a match begins


  • “Stocked” Trophy/Achievement requirements have changed from unlocking 200 items to 150 items; and it should now unlock properly
  • Fixed an issue with random map selection that was causing Mannfield and Beckwith Park weather variants to be chosen too rarely. This will result in map rotation being more evenly distributed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused CPU utilization on some PCs to increase unnecessarily

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