SMITE has been around for several years now. During this time, the game has transformed considerably since its beta back then. Since its official PC release, SMITE was released on the Xbox One. Now, the PlayStation 4 will be bitten by the SMITE bug. As of now, the SMITE Closed Alpha are underway. If you’d like to get in on the Closed Beta, you can opt in through this link.

SMITE is a fairly popular free-to-play third-person MOBA that has placed emphasis on Gods and Deities locked into an eternal battle with one another. Currently, SMITE is on Season 3, which allowed Hi-Rez to shake up the meta and various characters.

You can pick up a Founder’s pack for $29.99 USD for the PS4 version when that is eventually available during Closed Beta. The pack will not only unlock all gods currently available but all future ones as well as 400 gem and various exclusive skins. These include the ‘C4codemon’ Ymir and ‘Soldier of Fortune’ Ares. Furthermore, if you link the PS4 version to the PC version, you’ll also get a ‘Kuku4’ skin for Kukulkan.

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