Street Fighter V’s servers were taken down again earlier today for the second time in less than one week.

As a result of numerous complaints from fans, the game was taken down for three hours today, of which Capcom said they hope to have servers online by 5 p.m. pacific time.

Capcom originally tweeted that the game, which is predominantly-online in its current state, would be down from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. pacific time prior to extending it by another hour.

Street Fighter V has faced a rough launch so far, facing an array of problems, with numerous players still unable to properly access the Battle Lounge.

“We understand some users are still running into issues with Battle Lounges,”  Capcom posted. “We’ll be working on implementing fixes to this feature into the weekend. Again, this only affects some users so don’t be discouraged from checking this mode out and getting some matches in with friends!”

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