Street Fighter V, the highly anticipated installment to the classic fighter franchise, is only a week away. Fans couldn’t be more excited to duke it out with one of their favorite cast of characters, along with some new faces. Prior to the game’s release, Capcom has decided to give us one more gem to keep up the hype.

A new trailer for Street Fighter V was just released and it really sets the tone of the game. While it doesn’t have any actual gameplay, the trailer uses beautiful paint brush style art to depict the epic battles to come in the game. While every character gets some screen time, the most notable matches are M.Bison vs Charlie and Ryu vs Necalli. How will these clash of titans turn out? You’ll have to play the game and see for yourself.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. Street Fighter V will be in stores February 16th on PC and PS4.

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