Earlier this week Ubisoft announced The Division will be returning for an open beta on February 18th. And thanks to a quick Reddit user we now know some of the changes they’re making.

Reddit user Codnaver grabbed some screenshots of the patch notes for what is being added to the beta since it saw its closed release last week. Other than adding a new mission and unlocking a wing in the base of operations, the update will mostly deal with the game’s PvPvE area, the Dark Zone.

With even more weapons added, the respawn rate of chests in the Dark Zone has been reduced, making the hunt for loot that much more cut-throat between players. The area is also just becoming more dangerous in general as the number of enemies has been increased and they will all be stronger.

The new mission will be called Subway Morgue and will see players come against the cleaners, one of the cities factions. Other than that, the update is also fixing plenty of glitches, adding more cheat prevention, and even added new and improved tutorial videos.

Playing the closed beta, we loved the level of detail in the world and thought The Division has a lot of potential. Read Gamespresso’s full impressions here.

If you played the closed beta, what do you think of the Dark Zone getting harder? If you haven’t played, are you looking forward to the open beta? Let us know in the comments.

The Division is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8th.

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