During the Investor Day meeting, Ubisoft’s chief financial officer Alain Martinez announced a brand new game will be making waves in Ubisoft and would become a ‘Triple A’ franchise for the company. At the current moment, the game is still being worked on at Ubisoft.

The new AAA IP will be part of the stable of AAA franchises. So we are considering that this franchise is there to stay, of course

The new game is set to coincide with Ubisoft’s desire to focus on multiplayer games ‘with post-launch support’. To be exact, the company seeks to provide ‘strong digital live services’ for players to tinker with after the game is launched. While the game has yet to be released nor provided any details on what it will entail, the game is planned for release sometime in the next fiscal year.

Is this a brave move for the company? If the game bombs, it’ll be hard to justify branding and making the game a franchise. Should it go well however, will it make the same mistakes Assassin’s Creed did and become an annual game? Many questions to be had, but only time will tell.

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