Since taking the position of game director for the free-to-play MMO Wildstar, Chad ‘Pappy’ Moore has put out a blog post expressing his appreciation and plans for the future of the game. Within the blog post, Moore has gone on to mention various new additions and updates to the game including new locations, items and upgrades.

The new update will be titled the ‘Destination Arcterra’ update. This will take players to the Halon Ring, the asteroid belt that surrounds the planet Nexus. The belt is a dark place that houses scores of ‘outlaws, marauders, and other unsavory individuals’.

Along with the new location, a new Expendition will be out and a revamp to the ‘Item Upgrades system’ which will allow players to really make their equipment potent. The final part of the update will be creating more initiatives for players to play the PVP instances of the game.

Wildstar has been going well with lots of updates. If Moore’s words are right, Wildstar will be having an interesting future!

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