Bethesda’s currently opened up four new programming positions for work on what they call a “bleeding-edge” RPG.

From Bethesda’s careers page, they are currently seeking an engine programmer, a game programmer, and two graphics programers for positions in both Montreal and Rockville, Maryland. While the job descriptions don’t tell much in the way of what “bleeding-edge” RPG they’re working on, the descriptions do ask for experience with both PC and consoles. It also envisions a team that can “[push] the bleeding-edge of RPG development.”

While Todd Howard had revealed that they’re currently working on three “big and crazy” games, it’s a guess as to what those might be. It’s recently been leaked that Fallout 5 might be in the works, but other than that, it’s up to speculation. Maybe they’re improving on that Elder Scrolls card game that everyone’s hyped to hear more about (insert sarcasm here).

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