Card game designer veteran Eric Lang have been quietly tinkering away for a fair while now, his latest project being something called ‘Project Dream’. It was revealed on his twitter that the project was actually a card game adaptation to the hit FromSoftware title Bloodborne. Working with boardgame publisher Cool Mini or Not, Lang has been working on this game for a while and seeks to base the core game concept on the Chalice Dungeons from Bloodborne.

The Chalice Dungeons are difficult optional dungeons that Bloodborne players could go through in order to unlock cool items for the game. In this card game, Eric describes the gameplay as ‘risk management with a bit of groupthink’. Prompting the idea that the game will be about managing inventories and upgrades as players take down the various enemies encountered within the dungeons. It is described to have a run time of about 30 minutes each round.

There are no release dates yet, but the licensed game is very much still in development, along with several other projects. This includes a Godfather board game and a Munchkin Trading Card Game.

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