Bungie has announced that the Destiny companion app has been updated in the iOS store. The update adds support for the iPad and updates the app’s tools to be more accessable.

“For some time now, we’ve been working to bring the Companion to even more devices,” User Experience Design Lead David Sinclair wrote. “Alongside the entire mobile development team, Designer John Stvan, Engineer Evan Hwang, and Engineer John Shaffstall have put together a true iPad version of the app and I’m pleased to announce that as of right now you can download the new Destiny Companion on the iPad App store.”

Sinclair continued, “The work required to bring the Destiny Companion to iPad also gave us the opportunity to make a number of improvements for iPhone users. Details and imagery follow below. We believe that this update puts us in a great place to continue to make additions and improvements going forward.”

The full list of improvements can be seen below.

  • Browse all of the latest and greatest Community Creations
  • Rate your favorites and help us create new legends
  • Search for Gear across all your Characters and your Vault
  • Easily equip or transfer gear ideal for specific missions
  • Track your progress in completing Bounties, Quests, and earning Reputation
  • Change up which Quests and Bounties you want to track in game
  • See all the Activities available in Destiny
  • Track your progress through Raids and Weekly Missions
  • View the Missions and Activities you have yet to complete this week
  • Track the progress of your friends to see who else has Activities to complete

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