Meet the newest addition to Destiny: Sterling Treasures.

These treasures, which will arrive in the game’s April update, are random loot boxes that have a chance at containing some of Destiny’s most sought-after items.

Revealed in this week’s Destiny livestream, the treasures are guaranteed to contain at least one items with the chance of having up to two additional items, including Desolute and Spektar armor sets, Taken ships, Sparrows, or Chroma consumables.

Sterling Treasures will be attainable by players through play or separately by purchase. Those who desire immediate gratification can grab a treasure at the Eververse Trading Company for roughly $2 (the equivalent of 200 silver). Players who aren’t looking to spend real world money on the loot will earn three per week.

One will be awarded for visiting the Postmaster after each weekly reset, a second  from completing one match of the featured weekly Crucible playlist, and a third for completing one Level 41 Prison of Elders activity.

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