The NX is as enigmatic since the day it was announced with only rumors to sustain curious fans. A quick picture was taken by reddit user Idriss2Dev who is a developer that saw a developers kit for the NX at an office. While not working there, the developer took a picture and shared it to Dual Pixels where the news spread like wildfire. Several outlets including Destructoid took to examining the photo (found below) and determining the authenticity. When put through a program to detect inconsistencies, there wasn’t too many with the black rectangle and the time stamp being the accounted changes to the original image.

With that being said, it’s worth keeping caution regardless. Now, the controller itself looks to be a oval-shaped controller with two thumbsticks, trigger buttons and at the least a few face buttons. The entirety of the controller face is flat and touch screen. There’s a power cord that stems from the center back of the controller and finally, the bottom half which isn’t touch screen has the camera, speakers, microphone and a strange black bar.


This controller correlates somewhat to the patent controller design shown off a while ago (provided below). The NX controller certainly looks different from any of the mainstream devices so far, looking to incorporate touch screen technology. I’m just concerned about the decision to reduce the amount of face buttons for a less tangible touchscreen control. That said, it’ll be interesting to see if this really is the final consumer device. There is no confirmation from Nintendo yet, along with no statement regarding the entire device.

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