If you’ve been enjoying Fallout 4 on the PC, Bethesda has released the beta for Survival Mode.

Survival in Fallout 4 strays from the original game. Now at a higher level(and presumably you’ve beaten the game), Bethesda wants to provide players with a way of playing the game similar to Dark Souls. What that means is they have two or more systems that push against each other, propelling the player forward. The results was four pillars for Survival Mode. Strategy, Exploration, Resource Management, and Role Playing.

To accomplish these goals, Bethesda has made a few major changes to the game in Survival Mode. First is Saving with Sleep. Quick saving, manual, and almost all of the auto saves found in the game have been disabled. If you want to save your game, you’ll have to sleep for at least one hour in a proper bed. You have to plan your steps more carefully, making sure that you know whether you can handle something or not – in other words your fallback options are reduced.

They’ve also disabled Fast Travel. You can’t port from place to place on the map anymore, you’ll have to find your way around just like you would in real life. And perhaps the most important factor added into Fallout 4: Survival Mode is the Increased Lethality. You can deal, and also take, more damage then ever before. It’s about strategy now, not running in guns ablazing.

If you want full details on Fallout 4’s Survival Mode, you can find the details on the latest blog post.

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