The numbers are in, and, at least based on North America, the PS4 has once again managed a month of outselling the Xbox One.

According to the NPD Group (via VG 24/7) the PS4 was the best selling console in February, continuing the trend that has characterized much of this generation. This is Sony’s fourth month in a row on top, since the Halo 5 push led to Microsoft taking last October.

In general however, hardware sales fell 23%, from $378.2 million to $292.2 million, from this time last year, a drop largely due to the release of the New 3DS XL in February 2015. Consequently, portable hardware sales fell 58%. While still dropping on their own however, (by 6%) since last year, console sales were hurt by a decrease in last-gen sales (by 77%), and the general price-cuts of the current-gen consoles.

Having dominated the holidays and continued that momentum into the new year, the question remains if Sony will slow down anytime soon. With the release of the heavily Xbox One-marketed The Division this month and the release of the Xbox One console exclusive Quantum Break next month, we will just have to wait and see if either can once again push Microsoft to the top.

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