The magical Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event has now come to a close, but not without many new announcement and goodies that may or may not have been leaked earlier. Regardless, there’s a new demo for a Final Fantasy XV side story and available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is titled ‘Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV’ and will feature Noctis’ adventures in a dream state when he gets knocked unconscious in the real world during the course of the main game.

The purpose of this short demo is to obviously incite even more interest for the main game (which will be available on September 30th) and to show off the various themes and mechanics that will be present in the main game. These range from the battle mechanics seen in Episode Duscae and the various environmental systems.

The demo will not appear in the main game and was made by a small portion of the team in order to relieve production stress and to reuse old asset to their fullest. The demo should be released at the time of this article being put up for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is entirely free and has no true bearing on the plot of the game. So you can skip this if you have no interest.

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