It’s been roughly 4 months since the release of StarCraft II and Blizzard has been throwing themselves at the ridiculous amount of content they’ve got going on for all of their current IPs. Glad to hear the extra Nova Ops episodes for StarCraft II hasn’t fallen by the wayside. There will be three episodes with the first one being available on March 29th. Each episode will contain 3 campaigns each.

Nova Ops follows the Nova’s story; one of the two most popular Ghosts from the StarCraft franchise. Nova made her debut after the announcement and eventual cancellation of StarCraft Ghost. Since then, her lore lived on through the extended universe. Nova Ops takes place years after the conclusion of the Legacy of the Void expansion. She awakens in a facility where she discovers she is in danger.

The extra DLC pack will be available for $14.99 for the entire three episodes. Individually, each episode will be $7.49.

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