It has been awhile since we’ve seen the end of Marcus Fenix’s journey. As more time passes, the anticipation for Gears of War 4 grows more and more. While some gameplay has been shown, gamers still wanna know how the game will look on the TV in their living room.

In an interview with Game Informer, Rod Fergusson of The Coalition spoke about Gears of War 4. The resolution for the third-person shooter will be 1080p while the framerate will depend on the mode. It will be 30 frames-per-second in the campaign and 60 frames-per-second during multiplayer. During the interview, Fergusson was also asked about the title being ported to PC in which he simply responded “Possibly.”

While a final date has not been determined, Gears of War 4 should be hitting shelves later this year on Xbox One.

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