Fullbright, the developer behind the critically acclaimed first-person exploration game Gone Home, has delayed the company’s next title Tacoma into next year according to a post on its blog.

As the developer explained in the post, this is still a full year before the sci-fi exploration title is planned to launch and this delay “isn’t a last minute ‘we just need a little more time!’ thing, but more of a ‘we need to be responsible about giving the game more space to live up to its potential’ kind of thing.”

Fullbright has already released two trailers for the first-person exploration game which follows Amy Ferrier as she explores what happened on the space station Tacoma. The game looks to be in the same vein as Gone Home where players explore an abandoned space to find out what happened to the place’s inhabitants.

Tacoma launches Spring 2017 on Xbox One and PC.

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