Guild Wars 2 spring update has been detailed, and changes are coming to World vs World (WvW) as well as reducing the costs of scribing.

Full details can be found on the official forum post.

Polling the WvW community, a majority of players asked that Alpine be returned to the game. Although they can’t return it right away, they will be dusting off the old content for another round. “The majority of players asked us to bring Alpine back. We’ll do that. It actually takes quite a bit of time to dust off old content and bring it up to the current game state, so it won’t happen in time for the quarterly release. Instead we’ll launch the quarterly update with improvements to Desert, use that as an opportunity to get the community’s feedback on those changes, then we’ll swap to Alpine when it’s ready.”

They did warn that changing the battlegrounds while the servers were live would have consequences. “Changing borderlands maps like this will disrupt matches in progress, but we think that making changes on live servers, where everyone can test, is worth the cost.”

Attempting to fix the prices on Guild Wars 2, with the reduction of reagents required in scribing they expect the markets to lower naturally. “We’ll reduce material costs on recipes: for example the Basic Ink Set will no longer require a Simple Ink Set, and each Sandpaper recipe will now require less Sand. Reducing the demand for basic materials will reduce their prices.”

At this moment in time they have no further details on Legendary weapons, but it is worth noting that it was recently announced they would be suspending work on all future Legendary weapons.

The spring update releases in April.

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