343 Industries has announced a new game mode for Halo 5, but the caveat is that it’s only available for a limited time. Warzone Turbo takes the classic large scale Warzone and makes everything more frantic by boosting players to level 9 once the home base is secure. Players also get “near-instantaneous energy regeneration” and have full access to their entire REQs throughout the entire match.

“Funny enough, originally we had no plans to ever release Warzone Turbo,” Lead Multiplayer Designer Lawrence Metten said on the site. “We created the game type at the request of our test team so that they could more efficiently test Warzone features and functionality without having to wait to level up or refill energy. Then one day we made the “mistake” of giving the mode a whirl during our afternoon studio playtest. It was incredibly chaotic and surprisingly a ton of fun to play.”

Metten continued, “After a bit of extra polish, a couple tuning tweaks, and a handful of scattered adjustments later and Warzone Turbo is ready foryour enjoyment. I look forward to jumping into the playlist and joining the pandemonium with you all this weekend!”

Gamers who want to try out Warzone Turbo should act fast as the game mode is only available this weekend and will disappear Monday morning April 4th.

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