Heroes of the Storm players are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next heroes, Xul being released 9 days ago on March 1st.

No mention has been made for the latest heroes, although it was confirmed at Blizzcon 2015 that Tracer would be making her way to the Nexus close to the launch of Overwatch.

A recent leak forced the hand of Blizzard, confirming the release date for Overwatch to be May 24th.

For Heroes of the Storm, Heroes are released on a 3-4 week rotation. The two latest releases, Li-Ming and Xul, were 4 weeks apart. The long time inbetween Heroes releasing could be attributed to a lack of conventions, making Blizzard release details over Twitter rather with stage hype.

Tracer will be the first Overwatch hero making their way into Heroes of the Storm, and shouldn’t expect it to be the last. The details were made public via a Reddit post, as someone purchased the digital edition of Game Informer.

Tracer will play as a ranged assassin, with her main focus being on mobility. Just like in the universe she hails from, Tracer will be able to move and shoot at the same time. Tracer has no mana bar, instead she has an ammo and re-load mechanic. This makes her a character with a very unique kit, similar to that of the The Lost Vikings, Abathur, or Greymane. As with many heroes, Blizzard has hopes for multiple, versatile builds. Tracer is intended to be built one of three ways; a glass cannon, persistent poker, or a crowd control character.

Tracer’s main difference in Overwatch from other characters is her ability to blink around the battlefield, and then “rewind” in time to her position a few seconds ago. This allows the character to move throughout the fight, but they manage to balance her out with a smaller health pool. Focusing on her previous positions is a great way to shut Tracer down. One of the the most unique things to Tracer’s kit is that she starts with her ultimate at level 1, players often get to pick their ultimate at level 10, but instead Tracer acquires Pulse Bomb for her R(ultimate) ability. Level 10 will help her upgrade the Pulse Bomb, with either a increased radius and slow effect, a boost in single target damage, or extended range and faster charging.

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