Originally advertised as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Inferno Climber was first revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2014. (TGS)

Inferno Climber was supposed to launch in 2015, but after missing the date they have decided to make it a PC exclusive. Excepted to release this spring on Steam, PlayStation 4 users will be missing out on Action RPG title.

Arc System Works has yet to make an official comment on why the studio dropped the PlayStation 4 version.

The developer for Inferno Climber, Arc System Works, is best known for creating 2D fighting franchises Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Guilty Gear has had 14 games released, with release dates ranging from 1998 to 2015.

BlazBlue, on the other hand, started in 2008 and has had 8 games added to the franchise since then.

Along with the announcement of PC exclusivity is a new trailer for the Inferno Climber.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwVfHvGi5y0]

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