As a radically different follow up to the studio’s last game, Life is Strange, Dontnod is building a WWI vampire game called Vampyr. And they have released some of the game’s first screenshots.

Incredibly dark, Vampyr is set in 1918, as the Spanish Flu ravishes London. In the midst of that plague, military surgeon Jonathan E. Reid returns from war, only to find himself caught up in a growing struggle as he’s made into a vampire and is forced to kill to survive.

In December, some of the developers behind the game opened up about what gamers can expect. “Reid is a brilliant doctor who served during the war and became familiar with a brand new blood transfusion technique that’s saved many lives. When the game begins, he’s just returned from the war, waking up after an attack by a mysterious assailant. This attack was the cause of his transformation into a vampire. We can’t reveal all of the consequences but his status as a specialist of human blood is of interest to the vampire society that hides in the shadows,” narrative director Stéphane Beauverger explained.

“We want to go back to the Gothic roots of Vampire mythology and emphasize their struggling duality: killing innocent people to survive is the price of immortality…” game director Philippe Moreau shared. “So if you, as a player, were a vampire, how would you handle that choice? Less glitter, more grit.”

Currently, Vampyr is scheduled for a tentative 2017 release. What do you think of the screenshots? Let us know in the comments.

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