You’ve probably heard that Lindsay Lohan tried to sue the publisher of Grand Theft Auto V for using her likeness in-game a couple of years ago. What you may not know is that behind the scenes, things have still been happening and the case is moving forward.

Coming from The Hollywood Reporter, we’re told that New York Supreme Court Judge Joan Kenney is allowing the case to go ahead after it’s been stalled for the last two years.

For those that aren’t aware, Lohan is claiming that a character within the game, Lacey Jonas, an NPC who cries for help avoiding the paparazzi.

Lacey Jonas, the character Lohan claims is based on her.

Lacey Jonas, the character Lohan claims is based on her.

Lohan claims the character was bases on her – which is a violation of New York civil rights law. Cited in Lohan’s suit are in-game references to Mean Girls and a West Hollywood hotel where Lohan once resided.

Take-Two’s claims that Lohan had filed the suit as nothing more than a publicity stunt were dismissed by the judge, stating:

“Defendants have not been able to prove, at this juncture of the litigation, that the republication exception to the one year statute of limitations is not applicable to this case because the intended audiences were the same as those of the original publication and the images consistently remained the same.”

The first ruling is available here, if you’re interested in reading further.

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