The city of Glass is “a very near future city,” level artist Linnea Harrisson explains of Mirror’s Edge Catalysts setting. “It’s something we can relate to…”

For the newest video in DICE’s dev diary series, the developer offers up just what makes the Glass so unique, and how it is a vital part of what makes the game’s protagonist, Faith, who she is. “The city of Glass is a city with a lot of history, and we’ve tried to build that,” level designer Terrance Cronin says. “For example, we have a downtown section, which is very much like old school Mirror’s Edge, the grittiness and creaky pipes. But then we have these new parts of the city, that are brand new, super glossy, reflective.”

Explaining how that ties into the game’s narrative, “There’s a ruling conglomerate, the authorities. And they are very keen on putting a nice touch on things, a nice façade,” Narrative Director Christopher Emgård says. With all of that as a backdrop, Faith, recently released from prison, then finds herself pulled into conflicts, and is forced to choose a side.

A first-person free-running game, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due out May 24 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. What do you think of Glass? Is it somewhere you’re excited to spend some time in? Let us know in the comments.

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