In the past year, we have seen some big name developers state that they will be making games and other apps for mobile devices. Not the least of which is Nintendo itself. They’ve quickly made good one their word with announcements of the upcoming Miitomo and Pokemon Go. Now here’s something being added more so for its convenience.

Tomorrow, March 31st, comes the launch of Nintendo’s new loyalty program, My Nintendo. With this, fans will now be able to sign in on their computers or mobile devices to the Nintendo eShop. Once there, they can actually remotely download any game on the shop. Spur of the moment gaming has never been this good. In addition, more filters will be added to the searching process so you can check out titles by their genre.

It’s a great time to be a gamer. With technology moving forward, the possibilities are endless. Makes sure to keep an eye out for Miitomo, also being launched tomorrow, March 31st.


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