Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 released on February 25th world wide, but that isn’t stopping Popcap from releasing fresh content already.

Posted on their official website, the first free content update is releasing today. Although there is a lot more content being added to the game, the Graveyard Variety Pack will also have some tweaks to further balance the gameplay.

With an official trailer going up on YouTube yesterday, we can only hope that this is the beginning of many free content updates.

Included in the update is 13 new features, and a overhaul to the Rose Class. Popcap has completely re-tuned the character, and is hoping it fits in much better with the rest of the classes. You can a list of new features below, and full patch notes on the original post.


New Features

  • Added new co-op/team vanquish map “Aqua Center” which may seem familiar, yet completely different!
  • Added night version of the Great White North map to the Turf Takeover Playlist
  • Added Hide n’ Find missions to Backyard Battleground
  • Added Bot & Pot Missions to Backyard Battleground
  • Added unique character variant images to group HUD
  • World Options now shows all friends playing the game, not just the joinable ones
  • Added classic setting in options to change primary fire button (PS4 Only)
  • Added Aim Sensitivity slider to now allow more precise control over aim speed (for PC this is broken up into both mouse and gamepad sensitivity)
  • Added ability to select between hold button to aim or toggle button to Aim
  • Added kick player option to the in-game scoreboard for easy access (player hosted modes only)
  • Added difficulty to Pause Menu for some game modes
  • Game Now defaults to common chat in Private Matches
  • Added ability to view scoreboard while vanquished

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