Star Fox Zero is still on its way to Wii U and the Nintendo Direct made sure to load more details into weary Star Fox seekers. Not only that, but the original ‘concept game’ Project Guard has finally been dusted off and renamed to Star Fox Guard, a spin off title that focuses on Slippy’s uncle, Grippy and his adventures to stopping invaders from messing with his rare metal gathering operations.

In over 100 missions, the player will be able to control 12 different cameras in order to defend and drive away incoming enemy types. The game’s premise is exactly as it was back in 2014 when Project Guard was announced. Furthermore, despite having 100 levels, the game allows players to create and share their own levels in order to expand replayability.

As for Star Fox Zero, the direct has revealed that the game can be played with two player co-op. One player would control the Arwing via the Wii U Pro Controller whilst the other player mans the guns with the Wii U gamepad. Another feature mentioned was Amiibo support. While others haven’t been explained, it was mentioned that scanning the Fox Amiibo would allow the player to play with the original polygonal Arwing from the old Star Fox game.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will be available to purchase on the Wii U as of April 22nd.

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