It’s jarring watching a person like Shaquille O’Neal invest into an eSports team and yet, he has done so according to a tweet he made showing his support for team NRG. Becoming one of the key investors for the 5th placed team in the NA LCS bracket, the team has been doing decently with a fair bit of talent within the ranks. It’s just a matter of practice and time until they get a shot at first place.

NRG came into being when basketball team Sacramento Kings purchased Team Coast. While the team also has a Counter Strike: Global Offensive team, the League of Legends team has been hitting the lime light. With the roots of the team being the way it is, it’s not too far of a stretch for Shaq to have some claim into NRG. Especially since he is a minority owner for the Sacromento Kings.

Even with such big names supporting NRG, the team won’t be having an easier time, there are very strong teams including Immortals, Cloud 9 and more.

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