If you’d recall, Square Enix had put up a digital ‘surprise box’ offering last year for Christmas. It also came to my attention that they had also held a surprise box for Easter. So welcome to 2016’s Easter with Square Enix where you can pre-order a digital bundle of unknown games from Square Enix’s library of published games for under 10 USD. You can place the order for the bundle here. According to the description of the bundle, the orders end on the 20th with the games being revealed on the 21st.

We’re ringing in the new spring season with a brand new Square Enix Easter Surprise Box! From March 11 to March 20, you’ll get 5 digital Steam games valuing over $80 for just $9.99! The 5 awesome games will be revealed shortly after March 21 when orders will be processed. Since they’ll be delivered as individual games, you’ll be able to spread the spring cheer by gifting them to your friends! So what are you waiting for? Place your order today and get ready for some sweet surprises!

There was considerable blow back regarding the last surprise box offering: Back in December, the bundle for $9.99 had given patrons 5 games including Final Fantasy XIII and a few discounts for more games. Compare that to the ‘Humble Square Bundle 3’ which was another bundle that offered more than 16 games and a few discount coupons for around $8.99. This Humble bundle package had most of the games from the surprise box bundle and then some. Since then, caution should be advised when opting to purchase these surprise bundles.

The orders will not be available after March 20th; the following Sunday.

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