Newly revealed modes for Star Fox Zero, which include a co-op mode and its separate game, Star Fox Guard, were added to the main game in order to accommodate players who struggle with a challenging experience of the game, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.

“So I think that action games like this have to have a certain level of difficulty to achieve that satisfaction. And particularly with Star Fox Zero, if you try to complete this game, I think you’re going to find it to be quite challenging. But it’s because of that, that we have things like Star Fox Guard and the cooperative mode in this game,” said Miyamoto, said in an interview with TIME. “What those do, is allow people who maybe can’t deal with that level of challenge or difficulty to easily be a part of the gameplay and enjoy this universe.”

Additionally, as seen in previous games such as Super Mario 3D land, there will be in-game alternatives that change gameplay to ease players past a difficult or challenging part.

“Beyond those modes, we have additional ones for people who like the game but find it too hard to get past certain levels. So for instance there’ll be a way for them to get an invincible Arwing, so that they can fly through and see the levels,” Miyamoto said.

Star Fox Zero launches on April 21, 2016 on Wii U.

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