Last week Nintendo offered a vast amount of great news with the latest Nintendo Direct. We got more information on Star Fox Zero, the reveal of Paper Mario: Color Splash, new updates for Splatoon, and more. The smash hit, Super Mario Maker, was not left out of the mix.

A brand new update was shown off during the Nintendo Direct. Today, that update has finally gone live.  The next time you start up Super Mario Maker, the update should download automatically. As a reminder, you’ll now have access to keys, locked doors, pink coins (collecting all in a level gives you a key), and skewers. Also added is a new 100 Mario Challenge mode, Super Expert. This mode can only be unlocked by completing Expert, and has the ability to unlock 12 exclusive custom mushroom costumes.

Don’t wait. Get your Wii U started, turn on Super Mario Maker, and have fun with the new content. It’s sure to extend the lifespan of this instant classic.

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