Tom Clancy’s The Division, like most online-only video games, has seen its fair share of glitches and bugs. One bug, though, can make some missions a bit more expedient.

A Youtube video posted by YouTuber LostInPlace shows off a mission holding up to 16 people at one time, over four times what’s normally allowed. The game seems to hold up quite well, with everyone using their abilities and such without too many issues. It even supported all 16 inside an elevator.

The mission in question takes place at the Lexington Event Center, where players must take down the leader of the Rikers faction. It’s stated that the mission is set to the end-game’s Challenging difficulty, but is hard to tell with the rate that the over-sized squad is mowing down enemies.

The video doesn’t show how to recreate the glitch, though, so don’t expect to be forming these larger-than-game squads anytime soon.

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