There are many racing games to choose from on the market these days. From Forza Motorsport, to Need for Speed, and more. The Trackmania series, however, may just be the most unique. You can test out the latest installment on Xbox One and PS4.

Ubisoft has announced on their official blog that Trackmania Turbo will have an open beta for console versions of the game. It begins tomorrow, March 18th, at 6:00 am PT and ends March 21st, 6:00 am PT. There is a lot to explore in this fun packed beta, including 20 tracks, online play, challenge mode, Trackbuilder, and more. Once the beta is over, you can even transfer over your file should you decide to purchase the full game.

Trackmania Turbo will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 22 for North America and March 24th everywhere else. That is right after the beta closes, so you’ll be able to get right back into all the action.


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