This summer will be a year since Windows 10 was released and put on Xbox One. While the new operating system is definitely an improvement, it did not bring everything owners of the console were looking for. In a few short months, Microsoft will be giving fans everything they want and more.

In the announced summer update for Xbox One every player will feel like Master Chief, because they will be getting their own Cortana. The intelligent personal assistance is not the only big thing to come from the update. At long last, background music will be able to play as the soundtrack of your gaming experiences. This is huge, considering how many times it has been asked for by fans. As a bonus surprise, the summer update will also turn every Xbox One into a dev kit. While we’re not exactly sure what these means, we know the goal is to make it very easy for anyone to build games and apps for the console. What’s not to like?

The summer update seems like a dream come true for any Xbox One owner. Unfortunately, there is no specific launch date, but we know it will be sometime this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for as soon as possible.

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