After working out the kinks on the full release game, Firaxis has finally gone ahead and released a bit of information regarding their very first DLC for XCOM 2. Titled ‘Anarchy’s Children’, the DLC pack will offer players over 100 customization options for the soldiers. This includes facial features and clothing.

Available from March 17th, the DLC will contain even more customization options to “hair, face paint, armor, face props, decals, helmets, masks and more”. Owners of the ‘Reinforcement Pack’, the season pass for XCOM 2, will receive this DLC and the next two subsequent DLC packs for free. For everyone else, it’s $4.99 USD.

The next set of DLC will also be paid but will be coming at a later date. The next two planned DLC packs are called the ‘Alien Hunters’ and ‘Shen’s Last Gift’. It is still currently unknown whether or not these will also be cosmetic-based DLC, either way, the game’s got a bit of life in it still.

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