Coming off the last season, with a record breaking score of 73-9, the Golden State Warriors have secured the hearts of many adoring fans. Though, some have started to question just how well they would do against a bigger threat. NBA 2K16 has answered this by pitting the Golden State Warriors against three legendary teams: the Chicago Bulls from 1995-96, the Miami Heat 2005-06 and the 2001-02 Lakers. Each match up was run through NBA 2K16 and the highlights can be seen in the video above.

Spoiler alert, the Warriors knocked two of the three classic legends out but just couldn’t take the hat trick with the Lakers. The Lakers team had Shaq and a young Kobe Bryant among them. The two teams managed to pull 7 games out with the Lakers taking the win 4 games to 3.

Just a bit of fun and promotion, it’s always neat to have these simulations and hypotheticals. I still think the Chicago Bulls could have done way better against the Warriors, but that’s a discussion best kept for another day.

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