CJ Cowan, Story Creative Lead on Destiny, took to Instagram to announce he will be leaving Bungie after being with the developer for over a decade.

While the reason for his departure wasn’t given, nor where he will be working next, Cowan posted a picture of himself under the Bungie logo and simply said, “After 13 years, I decided to part ways with Bungie yesterday. How am I just now realizing the logo is a sad face?”

Cowan started his work at Bungie as a cinematic designer on Halo 2, back in 2003. He then worked as Director of Cinematics on Halo 3, ODST, and Halo Reach. In 2009, he became Lead Story Designer on Destiny, going on to work as Story Lead for House of Wolves and The Taken King, continuing as the Creative Lead since November.

While there’s no reason to suspect the departure was anything but amicable, one can only hope Cowan’s motivation to leave is not a sign of behind the scenes troubles. With Destiny 2 set to release in 2017, a large-scale expansion is still planned for later this year.

Recently, Destiny has been making headlines as Bungie ramps up for what they are calling the April Update. Launching next week, the update will add new endgame content, new armor customization options, a host of balancing changes, and will even raise the max level.

We recently ran through the five things we’d love to see change in Destiny 2. As we learn more about the future of the Destiny franchise, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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