The Division’s first major update (named update 1.1) is coming in April and bringing along the much-anticipated incursion missions.

According to a livestream from Ubisoft, these missions will challenge even the most seasoned Division players, as they are designed to be hardest challenges of the game.

As far as the premise of incursions go, in April’s mission titled “Falcons Lost,” players are instructed to take out the last remaining members of the Last Man Battallion in a water treatment facility, a spot the faction has retreated to after their defeat at the end of The Division’s main game.

Falcons Lost will have two playable difficulties: hard mode and challenging mode, but to even further the difficulty, there will be no checkpoints in these missions, meaning if you and your team are faced with death at any point throughout the incursion, you’ll be spawned back at the beginning.

Players who make it through the incursion successfully will be rewarded with some high level loot and each incursion will be playable as many times as you desire. However, the loot will be best after the first time you play after each weekly reset.

Incursions will come to The Division when the new update hits on April 12th. Watch the entire Twitch stream from Ubisoft right here. 

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