One of the major launch games to hit the HTC Vive Job Simulator, has now reduced its price by 25%. A move that follows about 2 weeks after its launch. Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator now costs $29.99 USD on Steam. While the game comes bundled with the Vive for some, for the many others who have purchased the game after the release and have enjoyed the game, there is a constant voice on the various Steam reviews condemning the game for its how expensive the title is.

The folks of Owlchemy Labs had commented on the decision for the reasonably high price point by suggesting that since the game is one of the first for this new VR medium, there’s ‘no metrics’ that the team could follow. The price drop was very heavily influenced by the vocal playerbase who felt that the $39.99 price tag was a bit too extreme. The team have made it clear that their goal with Job Simulator was as an introduction game to the world of VR gaming.

Job Simulator as the name suggests puts players into the shoes of a common working man in various work environments where the player undergoes menial virtual tasks using the VR headset. Environments such as office work, fast food jobs and other odd work.

For current owners of the game, the developers have allowed entire refunds for the game if players want to repurchase the game for the new price point.

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