Announced, and subsequently released, for PC earlier this year, Neverwinter: The Maze engine finally has an Xbox One release date. The ninth expansion for the free-to-play, Dungeons and Dragon MMO, The Maze Engine will make its way to Xbox One on May 3.

“Adventurers have quelled the efforts of Demogorgon, though some demons continue to make their way into the Forgotten Realms. Now, two new demon lords – Baphomet and Orcus – have appeared, bringing a new, terrible threat to the realm. Adventurers now must band together with iconic heroes including Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc, Bruenor Battlehammer, Regis, and more to face off against new evil,” developer Arc teases.

The Maze Engine marks the return of four leveling dungeons to the game, all reworked, along with the addition of a new single-player campaign and an overhaul of the mount system. To check out some of The Maze Engine’s new content in action, be sure to watch the expansion’s Xbox One gameplay trailer below.

This comes only a few months after the game’s last content expansion, Neverwinter: Underdark, hit Xbox One in February. Underdark featured the addition of a new 10-man raid and a questline written by the acclaimed fantasy author R.A. Salvatore.

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