Last week Nintendo moved over from Club Nintendo to a new program called My Nintendo. There are a lot of similarities between the two programs, but there’s one major difference: My Nintendo points will expire after six months.

“My Nintendo points are valid until the last day of the month 6 months after you earn them,” a post on the My Nintendo FAQ page reads. “You can see if you have any points that are about to expire via the points history page of the Nintendo website when signed in to your Nintendo Account.”

The good news is that older points will be used up first when redeeming, but six months is a short turnaround time for having to use earned points. Points can be earned by connecting Miitomo and other social media networks to the rewards account, completing “missions” within Miitomo, and purchasing games from the Nintendo store. Gamers can use those points for extras within Miitomo and discounts on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games.

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