Fans of the Super Mario franchise are likely to have played one of the many sport themed Mario games in the past.

From Mario Tennis to Mario Golf, one game that hasn’t been done is Football. One Reddit user would like to change all of that, and created 3D renders for what Super Mario Football may look like.

Classic Mario characters would be cast as the all-star quarterbacks, with each featuring different abilities; similar to Mario Tennis. A Burning Bullet pass for Mario, which can shove one opponent out of its way to get to the receiver, and a Clown Car ejection for Bowser Junior are just two of the ideas he proposed for the ‘power shots’.

The Gamecube controller is what would control the game, as the buttons variety in size and positioning offers for accurate split decision making. The game would consist of 3 modes, each giving a unique spin on how to play the classic game of Football.

The only concern that is presented with a game like Mario Football is the lack of co-op modes that would be available. By creating ‘star quarterbacks’ you greatly limit the classic 4 player Nintendo mode, and even with the second player tagging in as the Tight End, it still leaves 2 players without anything to do.

You can take a look at the screen shots below.

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