Bungie this week released the much anticipated next DLC for its sci-fi epic Destiny. The House of Wolves included a new arena activity, new gear to collect, and new story missions.

It also included a brand new social space in the Reef, home to the Awoken. Here, guardians could interact with brand new vendors and acquire new legendary and exotic gear.

Unbeknownst to the Destiny community, however, Bungie included another secret social space in the DLC, only accessible through its new endgame PvP content, Trials of Osiris.

The Trials challenge players to an elite level of PvP gameplay, in which elimination is the name of the game. Players compete to fill in a “Trials Passage” card, which allows for a total of nine wins and three losses. If players can win nine straight games without losing a single one, they will earn access to the secret social space, “The Lighthouse.”

As seen in the video below, The Lighthouse offers elite players a chance at new exotic and legendary Trials of Osiris exotic gear.

If you want an extra chance at the exotic Egyptian-themed gear available with the new PvP event, you better start practicing your Crucible skills.

How have your experiences been in the Trials so far? Have you seen the legendary Lighthouse? Sound off in the comments below.




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