Sean Murray, the name behind No Man’s Sky, recently took to the PlayStation Blog to delve a little deeper into the details behind the lore and story of the upcoming PS4/PC title.

While the game won’t have “huge cut scenes or a traditional linear story,” Murray insists that there is still a tale to explore in the game.

“There is, however, a real lore in the game,” Murray writes. “Hopefully everything you find has a reason for existing. When you see a building, we’ve tried to think of who might have built it, and why. It’s something we’re excited to see fans uncover as they play, and put their own interpretations on.”

Murray revealed that developer Hello Games has worked alongside Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Kingsman, 2000 AD) and James Swallow (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Star Trek) in order to create the stories in No Man’s Sky’s universe.

“We all share a deep love of sci-fi, so for them to create their own tales in our universe – and to share their knowledge and help us develop some of the nitty gritty of the lore at the same time – felt like the perfect collaboration.”

No Man’s Sky launches on June 21st.

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