A new online multiplayer mode will arrive for Rock Band 4 this holiday.

Developer Harmonix announced via the PlayStation Blog that the new expansion is something the company has thought about before the main game was even completed, calling it one of their “most requested features.”

“Synchronous online multiplayer will be like Quickplay, modified to provide a fair and streamlined experience for console friends looking to play Rock Band 4 together online,” Harmonix community manager Criss Burki wrote. “We’ll be implementing enhancements on the back end to address issues for folks who don’t have the same DLC libraries and want a more fluid process for choosing songs together as a band (you all know that one person who would pick a song before you had the chance). Stay tuned for more details at E3!”

While no other details were revealed other than a projected holiday 2016 release window, Harmonix added that “synchronous online multiplayer isn’t even the major focus or feature we have in store!” Thoughts?

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