It’s a saddened day as Square Enix and Psyonix have announced the end of Nosgoth. The team expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the fans who enjoyed the game, but ultimately had to state that development for Nosgoth would be coming to a close and so too would servers.

It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of sadness that we must announce the end of Nosgoth’s development. Servers will continue to run until 31st May 2016, during which time you will be able to play the game as normal. After that date, Nosgoth will be taken offline for the last time.

Sadly the decision to close shop for Nosgoth was because of the the inability to rack up enough of an audience and following that would allow development to be sustained.

Many questions are answered and most notably, if you’ve bought content from the game since the 1st of March this year, all purchases will be refunded.

Nosgoth was a spin-off title for Square Enix’s Legacy of Kain series and has been running since 2015. Servers will officially be taken offline on May 31st, 2016.

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