Quantum Break is officially a hit for Microsoft.

The company announced that the time-bending game that is a console exclusive to the Xbox One “is now the biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation,” according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

“We’re delighted that Quantum Break has been so well received by fans and critics,” Xbox Studios’ Jon Edney added. “The game has already built up a passionate fanbase and we look forward to seeing and hearing about their experiences in Riverport.”

While no actual numbers were revealed, this news means that Quantum Break has had a better first week than any other new series introduced by Microsoft to the Xbox One, which includes titles such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Sunset Overdrive.

In our review of Quantum Break, we said, “Despite its few issues, with solid gameplay, stunning time shattering visuals, fascinating characters, and a jaw-dropping science fiction story to boot, Quantum Break is hard not to love. Quite simply, it presents a engrossing, complete world, filled with characters I legitimately felt for. It manages to use both live-action, and normal gameplay to weave together a great, truly unique experience, with a voice and approach all its own. Needless to say, it’s something I hope we see more games iterate and improve on in the future.”

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