Today Sony launched the official formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., and have announced that the American sector’s new president is Shawn Layden.

Sony made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog today. While the shift will not immediately influence fans (apart from the name switch from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.), Layden claims the notable changes will eventually become more evident.

“So what does this mean for you, the gamer?” Layden writes. “If I’m honest, probably not a whole lot – at least not in the short term. But in the long run, it will mean everything. The formation of SIE will allow us to forge a unified PlayStation organization that can adapt more quickly to meet the needs of the gaming community, innovate with digital services like PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Now, and – above all else – drive consistent and constant innovation in the dynamic medium of video games. You’re already seeing the early fruits of that effort with PlayStation VR, and the work will continue across a number of fronts.”

“Our full integration won’t happen overnight. But the work is well underway and I’m delighted to report that we are tracking ahead of schedule.”

Layden also announced that in addition to his role as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, he will also be taking the role of Chairman of Worldwide Studios. This means he will have an influence in Sony’s first-party titles such as Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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