While the world is talking about The Force Awakens, there are those who haven’t forgotten the video game universe of the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: The Old Republic has been live for over four years now. Players of the game have a special surprise waiting for their next login.

The latest expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Knights of the Fallen Empire, brought the story of “The Outlander.” With update 4.3 released today, the next chapter in this tale is now available for all of those who were subscribed by April 1st. All newcomers will have to wait until April 7th to try it out themselves. Not too long a time, thankfully. The update also fixes a few bugs and enhances some other features.

You can see the full patch notes on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s official site. The game is available now on PC. Check out the “Visions in the Dark.” teaser below.

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